The ability to facilitate and drive change has been the common thread throughout my 17 year long career. Whether as organizational consultant or psychologist in 1:1 encounters, I stride to assess ineffective beliefs or values, and take pride in providing expert advice or engage in process facilitation to cocreate new perspectives, methods and solution to overcome periods of change, adversity or crisis.

My big hits during my career the last 10 years:

1. Conducted more than 10.000 1:1 sessions and helped more than 2.500 people through change, adversity or crisis
2. Build an expert reputation as a sleep psychologist, leading a Psychologic Sleep Unit at Aleris Hospitals, getting referrals from Public Sleep Medicine Units and served 2 years as president for the Danish Society of Sleep Medicine
3. Conducted workshops for sponsors on mental toughness during 2016 Olympic Games, and developed 6 week podcast and videos for major international food and beverage company.
4. Turn around for major Municipality Departed to engage in change prone culture, by tailored recruitment strategy based on personality assessment of existing team members.
5. Created several long-lasting concepts for Critical Incident Stress Management in correctional facilities, including evidence based tools for assessments.
6. Head of Unit for effect assessment of 44.mio DDK work-environment portfolio
7. Developed the technical and statistical paradigm for enterprise interim rapports covering more than 20 institutions, and producing said reports for Government executive level, getting from raw data, through structured information to an informed executive decision basis.

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Robert Benjamin Bjerre Andersen

Photo by Nuno Alexander